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The goal of African Professionals Connect is to provide a forum of association that ensures coordination and cooperation in careers, businesses and investments, to strengthen alliances and uphold our African Values through social relationships among African Professionals living in the United States of America.

African Professionals

As Professionals from Africa, we have similar challenges and concerns. The difficulty associated with securing a dream career, choosing new friends and associates, managing workplace politics, finances, fitting in, strain relationships, distance from home and culture shock, taking care of family and loved ones and their needs back home, and a strong desire to participate in creating more opportunities in Africa and the continent’s growth.
These are burdens that we all carry; in addition to family issues that could interfere with getting the best of ourselves.

AP Connect USA

African Professionals Connect is intentional with whom they want to relate and collaborate

We look for genuine, sincere and trustworthy professionals to associate and build lifelong
memories of relationships and partnerships.

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